Secondary Schools

Prefect – Monitor – Mentor Training

  • Role of school prefects
  • Skills and personal qualities
  • Assertiveness training
  • Applications of skills and personal qualities
  • Leadership
  • Team working
  • Learning all of the above through role play
  • The role of Head Girl (delivered in last hour to Head Girl separately)
  • How to organise a team of school prefects organising the School Prefect team


Student Council

One/Two day Training

  • Functions of a Student Council
  • Rights & Responsibilities
  • Democracy
  • Our School Community
  • Choosing Representatives
  • Student Council Officers

Transition Year

  • A Double Class per week over 6 weeks
  • Foster effective communication in school and for work experience situations
  • develop students’ self-esteem and understanding of others
  • Improvisation and script drama
  • Presentation skills
  • Interview techniques (optional)
  • Self esteem through drama

Leaving Cert Applied

6 week programme

  • A Double Class per week over 6 weeks
  • Promote teamwork
  • Self esteem through drama
  • Improve communication skills in school and for work experience situations
  • Discover different aspects of acting, character development, plot, voice, speech and staging. All explored through the techniques of improvisation and script work.
  • Facilitate and support students in rehearsing, staging, filming and critiquing their own drama work
  • Help prepare a presentation folder for department of Education. (This will also need the help and support of the link teacher)