Karen's interactive courses are a fantastic opportunity for students to build self-confidence and strengthen personal and academic excellence. having used the Transition Year 6-week programme and the Leaving Certificate Applied Drama module for the past three years I have witnessed our students developing communication, social and interpersonal skills, ready to step out into the world as confident individuals

Catriona Bonner, Teacher
Deele College
Through the use of various dram techniques, the Transition year Induction Programme allowed students to get together as a group and to develop their team working skills. They began to understand and trust each other and most importantly gained certain self-confidence in working together. All of this while having a great day's fun.

Séan Ó Fearraigh
Gairmscoil Chú Uladh Béal an Átha Móir
The Prefect Training Course allowed our school to establish a framework where we could introduce a prefect system for the first time. The senior students were very eager to participate after completing this course and had a very clear understanding of what their role was - we are looking forward to working with Karen during 2013/14.

Séan Ó Fearraigh